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Profile Cedric Devarenne


Let me introduce myself.

Usually I am an IT Engineer specialized as Systems and Network Administrator on Windows, VMware, Citrix and Cisco.
In parallel, I practice with passion the Webmastering (creation of web pages) Since years 90´s.
I like to be creative and discover new interesting technics that build the Web today.

So finally, i decide to make my passion to be my work.

Profile :

General Web Skills :

  • Consulting to improve your website with the best practice.
  • Build your website from scratch.
  • Build an effective E-Commerce with evidence to support.
  • Build your WordPress theme from scratch.
  • Creation of original web design and features.
  • Creation of Logo in 2D or 3D.
  • Advanced Features like Multisite, Multi languages, Login area fusion, etc...
  • Advanced tricks to optimise performance of your website.
  • Increase the security to avoid being hacked.
  • Social Media and advertisements strategies
  • Advanced technics to find what you need on Google and other search engines.
  • Advanced Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Technics to appear in the top of Google results and other search engines.
For more detail information about my IT technical skills,
please have a look at my resume here :

Prepare yourselves the future is on the way
to lead you to your success !


Visual format that fits on all Screens platforms such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers

Responsive web design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.

Therefore, Google announced
(Since April 21, 2015) and started to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device.
This has the net effect of penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly.


Website Compatible with all current browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, SmartPhones and Tablets browser, etc ...

Because of the differences in the way Web browsers interpret HTML and JavaScript, Web developers must test and adapt their sites to work with multiple browsers.

For example, if a certain page looks fine in Firefox, but does not show up correctly in Internet Explorer, the developer may change the formatting so that it works with Internet Explorer.


Design realized mostly through CSS Techniques to ensure a great user experience.

Web design is very important to present your storefront with beautiful images certainly...
However be careful that it does not slow down your site unnecessarily at the expense of the user experience.

Standards such as trends, ergonomics, color codes must be observed to ensure the success of your website. Where the importance of using CSS codes to ensure beauty and efficiency.


The mechanics found under the hood of your website.

My lines of code are almost to ensure compliance with standards, it´s difficult to make a clear round when a website become complex.
By cons I just ensure you a smart designed code to avoid heavy Script related to the JQuery library, the many other needless or not optimized Scripts, frameworks that makes life easier for developer but are heavy, not very moldable and rarely fully mastered.
So I make sure to find the best methods through best pratice to ensure superior reliability, increased performance, Security, Fallback code for longevity.

Speed Matters !

Yes! But Why?
Speed is important for search engines like Google who will favor the fastest websites to assure better user experience.
That make sense...
Who like to wait ???

Therefore, it is important to take into account the weight of pictures, scripts and other elements that constitute a website.
Many Web Agency will offer you graphically stunning websites at the expense of performances and good coding.
Optimizations are essential to have the chance to be seen in the top ranking of Google search results.

What is the advantage of having a beautiful website if few people or nobody will see it?
And again it´s all about Search engine optimization (SEO).

Also to consider, the location of your web host and the amound of files HTTP requests (less there is, better it is)
between your hosted Website to the client.
Note this website is hosted in France so obviously it will take more time to travel if you live far away.
You can check by your self with

That is why I am committed to best optimize your website with evidence to support.

The Price Matters too !

You need to know what you are buying to get best quality product
for you and your customers.

To get an idea of the market price Try their
Note that the Web Agency services cost a lot because they have a lot of charges to pay, employees, rent, etc...

Well i´m a professional and i´m working alone so you will have one of the lowest price per quality on the market !

So all my work is well documented with clean and comprehensive points to better understand what you get.

You will get an Effective Tailored Website with
Speed and Quality for a really fair price !

You can also Hire me for other services related to my IT Skills,
I´m a professional, you will never be disapointed !

So feel free to at the bottom of this website with your needs
and i´ll study the case and send you a free quote !

My Web Portfolio

I build more than 50 testing websites in the past.

Now i feel confortable and ready to work as a professional,
here some of Websites i build for my customers.
It will give you an idea of what i can do for you.
Visit d´Alisier Website


Details :

Type: E-Commerce (In Progress...)
Since 2017
Web Server hosted in France
Build with WordPress CMS

Features :

Multi languages
Customized Theme
Home made Plugin
Customized WordPress
Customized WooCommerce
FULLY Optimized

Visit the Yuai Website

Yuai Association

Details :

Type: Website
Since 2012
Web Server hosted in France
Build with WordPress CMS

Features :

Multi languages
Customized Theme
Home made Plugin
Paiement Module
Customized WordPress
coupled with
PHPBB Login Fusion
Not fully Speed Optimized

Visit my Stripe Module

Stripe customized Payment Module

Details :

Type: E-Payement
Since 2016
Web Server hosted in France
Build from scratch
Home made modules

Features :

This is a Prototype
Free amount can be entered by the user
Minimum amount accepted is 3000 Yen
Double payment modules
Instant payement
Payment per Years
Secure coding
Independent PHP Calls

Visit the KCS Watch Website

KCS Watch

Details :

Type: E-Commerce
Since 2015
Web Server hosted in Japan
Build with WordPress CMS
Home made modules

Features :

This is a Prototype
Watch Components linked with
the E-Commerce system
Customized Theme
Customized WordPress
Customized WooCommerce
Home made Theme and Plugin
Not fully Speed Optimized


Summary of my services

Several choices are available to you :

  • Migrate or rebuild your Website.

  • Creating a tailored website from scratch.

  • Creating a Website or a Blog from a CMS (Content Manegement System) with
    WordPress solution that allows you to easily manage and add content by yourself from the back office
    with interface (WYSIWYG it´s similar to Microsoft Word.).
    Of course, I would train you on the product that is easy to use once i´ll set up for you.

  • Included options that I deliver you with your WordPress Website:
  • - Select a Theme that i already tested and optimized.
    - Or i can build a custom theme based on an existing Theme you choose.
    - Or i can build your theme from scratch.

  • For a website of E-Commerce it is the same principle except that I use the combo WordPress and WooCommerce which to already proven and that is most used in the world.

  • Magento CMS is also possible, however it is designed for large structures and personally I find it too heavy.

  • I can also build your Website or E-Commerce Website with other CMS if you like, i had tested many of them.

Features included with your Website :

  • Various advises such as choosing your web hosting, the best technology suited to your project, etc ...
  • Coaching and training so that you are comfortable with the tools.
  • Setting up your website, Blog or E-Commerce.
  • Support for the creation of your business strategy linked to your website, social media and SEO
  • I will Test, Optimize, Secure your Website and make sure everything is in order.
    I also provide support after the launch of your website.